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Court and legal issue astrology- Navigate the Legal System with the Power of Astrology

what is court astrologyCourt case Yog in Kundli is a branch of astrology that predicts the outcome of court cases based on the positions and movements of celestial bodies. Astrologers who specialize in court and legal issue astrology use their knowledge of astrology to analyze the horoscopes of the individuals involved in the court case. They then predict the outcome of the legal case based on the planetary positions at the time of the trial.

Legal issues in astrology: Does astrology has a solution for court cases?

Which house is related to the court case? 

In astrology house of legal matters is the 6th house. It is also the house of health, service and employment. Further, it governs disputes, conflicts, and legal proceedings that involve contracts, partnerships, and litigation. In addition, it deals with health-related legal matters such as medical malpractice, workplace injuries, and occupational hazards.
Therefore, astrologers pay special attention to the placement of planets in the 6th house. Besides this, they analyze the position of planets in the 6th house about other planetary movements.

Which planet is responsible for the judiciary? 

Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, justice and higher knowledge. It relates to law, ethics and morality and brings luck and fortune. Apart from Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Rahu are also associated with court and legal issue astrology.

Court case prediction- Astrological Perspective

How to win court case astrology?As we know, legal matters are complex and challenging. However, astrology has an impact on the outcome of court cases. Astrologers analyze the horoscope, look at the planetary position at the time of trial and analyze how they may influence the outcome.

How do you get rid of court cases in astrology? Let’s explore the astrology remedy for court cases in some particular conditions:

Vastu Remedies for Legal Matters

Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science of architecture and astrology, offers several solutions to help you overcome legal issues. Here are some effective Vastu remedies for legal cases:

Firstly, keep the Northeast corner of your home or office clutter-free and well-lit to enhance positive energy flow.
Next, place a statue or picture of Goddess Durga or Lord Hanuman in the North or Northeast direction for strength and protection.

You can also perform the Baglamukhi Yantra Puja, an astrological remedy for success in legal battles. This puja involves reciting mantras and offering prayers to the Baglamukhi Yantra, a powerful tool to win legal disputes.

Moreover, avoid painting your walls with dark or depressing colours. Instead, opt for bright and vibrant shades to attract positive energy.

Finally, always maintain honesty and integrity in your legal battles. Seek the guidance of a qualified astrologer to enhance your chances of success.

To summarize, legal aspects cause challenges. But with the right approach and remedies, you can overcome legal issues and emerge victorious. You can take guidance from an astrologer on the court and legal issue astrology. After minutely studying the natal chart, the astrologer will suggest simple horoscope predictions for court cases. 

 Know More About Vastu Shastra.

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